re: The underrated DIANA
Posted by: Chazwaza 01:57 am EDT 08/09/22
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Yeah. Just to chime in, I am not the biggest Legally Blonde fan, and not one of those who has decided it is one of the great modern musical. I do think songs like Omigod You Guys is way better written and more clever and infectious than I ever expected, and it has some really good songs... and some really mediocre ones. I actually think it's pretty overrated and has enjoyed, also, a very rose-colored view since in closed, especially from the younger generation of gays (at least the ones on twitter). But I was pretty offended on behalf of the authors of LB, the fans of it, and the observers of observable reality when I saw this "critic" put it in the same category of show as Diana... so I wanted to make the differences clear.

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