big misunderstanding here
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Gay was absolutely not used as a negative. I really don't know where you get this. I am gay. I am a twitter gay even. I am also in my 30s, so while not young I am not "old" (which I say just to add that I am not out of the world that would "get it" or whatever)... I was just identifying the writer of this piece as an active part of the "musical theater twitter" and/or "gay twitter" world/community, which is the world in which I often see threads or blogs that would cover this premise ... my point entirely was that this is the kind of writing (premise and execution) that would be very at home on "gay twitter" (because it's considered camp) or "musical theater twitter" (because it's a musical)... gay and/or MT Twitter is a fabulous place to be, with lots of smart and funny people posting smart and funny (as well as not either) jokes, takes, references, etc, about musicals ... this is a polished and sprouted version of something I have seen there before and will again... it would be right at home there.... but, in my opinion, should have no place published in the Critics Notebook section of The New York Times.

I'm sorry I didn't make that more clear.

"Gay Twitter" is something often referred to, just like any other topic or group (see also "black twitter" and "SJW twitter" and "musical theater twitter" and "writer twitter" etc)... I can see I was writing with an assumed shorthand, and if I could edit that to reflect a broader explanation I would.

But my statement and description was absolutely not a takedown of him being gay or being able to be a worthy writer because he's gay. But I still don't understand how you jumped to this conclusion that I, an openly gay person (I don't assume you remember what anyone says about themselves on this board, I'm sure I don't, but for what it's worth I'm pretty open about being gay whenever it's relevant on this board), would be posting on a broadway chat board that someone's writing isn't worthwhile because they're gay... even if you didn't know me as gay from this board, we've interacted for many years here... have you ever seen me write anything homophobic, let alone baldly and blatantly so, that would lead you to comfortable conclude this?

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