re: PRADA --- Why were the national critics invited?
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I think bythesea2007 and stevemr are on to something here. The show was originally announced as being Paul Rudnick’s long awaited debut writing a big musical. As recently as a year ago Rudnick was still credited as co-bookwriter. The current sole bookwriter, Kate Wetherhead, as best I can tell, though much admired in the industry, has no professional stage writing credits; aside from developmental readings, her writing résumé consists mainly of a web series (Submissions Only) and a children’s book. No one hopes for bad reviews, and they almost certainly weren’t looking for a flop; but if I had to guess, they knew they were in trouble or that she was in over her head, and either needed the justification to replace her or add someone else to the writing team, or, considering that Elton John is hardly ever in the same city as his shows and also couldn’t be counted on to do the rewrites needed, wanted to get a sense of how bad the critical response would be so they knew whether to just chalk the whole thing up as a tax write-off. Not a pretty scenario either way, but that’s show biz, and I strongly suspect that’s why they made the full court press to get the critics out there.

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