re: PRADA --- Why were the national critics invited?
Posted by: jgerard 12:28 pm EDT 08/10/22
In reply to: PRADA --- Why were the national critics invited? - stevemr 10:27 am EDT 08/10/22

Breaking news: critics are journalists who serve their readers at the pleasure of the publishers who pay us. We don't work for producers or creatives or ad agencies, even if the preponderance of evidence frequently suggests otherwise, and even if on occasion my own colleagues disagree (as the Chicago Trib/NY Daily News critic implied in his Prada review). Whatever motivated the "Prada" producers to invite critics from major venues should be irrelevant. Moreover the concept of "national" reviews died with the Internet and chat rooms like ATC (https://nymag.com/nymetro/arts/columns/culturebusiness/3915/). However -- and it's a big "however" -- we critics also know when we're discussing a work-in-progress (aka a local or out-of-town tryout) and have an obligation to make that clear in the review, and to note that a follow-up will be forthcoming. My beef with the NYT "Prada" review is that this important caveat was never mentioned and only implied in the final sentence.

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