re: I do think beauty should have won that year
Posted by: Chazwaza 06:12 pm EDT 08/10/22
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It's a very very literal take on "capturing" an animated film. It's also more bloated on stage... and very surface level compared to great musicals. I'm extremely glad Passion took Best Musical (in addition to the more likely Score and Book), it's what I'd have voted for unrelated to any spite for Disney moving in. I am nonetheless shocked that it did win Musical, and given the production values, cast size and a score much more in line with what pleases audiences on broadway... so while I'm sure it was the spite for Disney that put it over the edge for the big prize, I'm quite glad it did. And B&TB nonetheless ran for, what, another decade? While Passion probably only had the short run it did because of its big win. Though who knows... maybe so many people went expecting a "best musical" type of winner and were way more disappointed than had they found it from reputation and word of mouth. Maybe it would have found a warmer home in audiences if it hadn't been presented as the musical that beat Beauty and the Beast.

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