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Not only the dollar amount, but the number of seats sold has dropped noticeably for A Strange Loop. It started its Broadway run at about 75% of seating capacity, then went up to about 90% when the Tony nominations came out, then up to 99+% after the Tony win. But it was only above 97% for four weeks, then came down to 90% for the next four weeks, then 82% this week. And that's in a house that seats about 900 people. Last week, of all Broadway musicals, only Mr Saturday Night sold fewer tickets.

Someone on BWW named ElephantLoveMedley looked back over the last decade, which I supplemented with my own research. Every other Best Musical Tony winner since Memphis, including Gentleman's Guide, was still at 100% capacity during the corresponding August week. Memphis was at 85% but it also had started its Broadway run almost a year earlier (the prior September) and it still sold more than 10,000 tickets that week. A Strange Loop sold 5975 tickets last week.

Gentleman's Guide and Memphis would do much better with tourists than A Strange Loop will. But I don't know how many older tourists, traveling without children (children would not be A Strange Loop's target audience) are around. Some of A Strange Loop's struggles are from the pandemic, particularly the reluctance of some older theatergoers to travel to NY from other regions in order to see the latest Tony winner. But some of it is A Strange Loop itself. The biggest benefit of the Tonys seems to have gone to MJ, which bounced around a lot before the nominations but has sold out almost every performance since the Tonys telecast. MJ's gross last week was its highest ever. I am very glad that MJ did not win Best Musical, because it is not a well-written show at all, but there is no question it is a crowd-pleaser.

I don't see A Strange Loop lasting past New Year's unless older theatergoers quickly become more relaxed about the pandemic than I think they will. And it will close at a loss.

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