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Posted by: Chazwaza 06:19 pm EDT 08/10/22
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I think they would run into a lot of backlash if they cast someone *slightly* and put them in a fat suit costume or a padded costume.
But who knows. I'd certainly rather the show sell tickets than closes because they couldn't find someone as naturally heavy as Usher should be/is written about being.

And I do think there are a lot fewer famous options than you think... someone who is at least "thicc" (in the fat way not the muscle way), and is also black, under 30, and can sing really well and do it for 2 hours.

I wouldn't be surprised if Alex Newel gets in there.

When I saw it off-broadway, Titus Burgess was in the audience and I heard rumors of him wanting to do it... and he'd be amazing, and would sell tickets to an extent, but he is 15-20 years older than the character. However I could see it working as well or better with someone who's been trying to make their career happen for a decade+ and still works as an usher. It's just not currently written that way.

I'm currently struggling to think of anyone who would fit the idea of stunt casting for this role... but I'm not spending much time on it.

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