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Posted by: ryhog 09:46 pm EDT 08/10/22
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I think some folks want to construct neat little boxes for everything, but at the end of the day, theatre is messy. Making money is not always the focus. Sometimes shows take the commercial route not because they want to make money but because the non-profit route is too complicated to (continue to) pursue. On the other hand, there are shows that have no focus but making money, that nonetheless fail miserably. I don't think anyone put money in (to pick just one example) Diana for any other reason. What would it have been? And sometimes people put money in shows not really expecting to make money and yet end up doing quite well. (We can be a little humbled to remember that there were conversations to be had about the aborning Hamilton not flying for the tourists etc.) So we can't meaningfully analyze ASL based on its potential to meet its recoupment schedule. But do we really think that (to pick just one example) RuPaul wrote a check in the hopes of making some extra coin?

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