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Yeah, the more advanced we get, the more backwards some things look.

I think the vast majority of the photos we have from Broadway shows back then were taken at photo sessions. Sometimes they clearly were not as we can see audience, but I think mostly the photos are from photo sessions. It’s possible that some of those were taken at dress rehearsals where I would think body mikes would have been worn if it was really a full dress rehearsal. But my knowledge here is certainly limited.

Linking a Funny Girl "You Are Woman" photo. Look at all the stuff on the dress. And the other low-cut dress I see in Streisand Funny Girl photos — for the opening-night party "People" scene — also has lots of stuff and ornamentation. So perhaps a mike could have been hidden among all that, made to look like an ornament. I have found only one photo that I think is "Music That Makes Me Dress," and the dress in that one is not especially low-cut but it is dark with lots of sequins. Seems like a mike could be hidden pretty easily. If you can link a photo so that I can tell if we're thinking of the same dress, please do.

But it does bring up a question for me: Does this mean that she had multiple mikes that were permanently attached to individual costumes or did they keep moving her mike from one costume to another? Or perhaps two mikes so that they could attach the one to be used next to that costume while she was onstage wearing the current costume? I don't know the answer. I have collected a lot of articles about amplification, going back to the 1930s, but I don't remember one in which that was addressed in any detail.

Some shows of the time period, like Hello, Dolly!, generally gave the star a good deal of time between costume changes, but Funny Girl and some others sometimes did not.

Anyway, as I mentioned here back in March — the post is still here — there was a Times article on amplification a couple of months after she left Funny Girl in which the sound guy for the show was interviewed. There is no question she wore a mike. He discussed it in some detail, although he did not discuss the question you raise.
Link Streisand and Desmond - You Are Woman

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