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I know people have to make money, and have contractual obligations... but that doesn't stop me from feeling very frustrated as a ticket buyer. The show has been open literally not even 1 month. She is a raved about member of the "original" company, and she is leaving *SEVEN WEEKS* into the run (post opening, or just over 2 months if you count previews, but for this show where half the cast was new and it didn't have much rehearsal the first time, previews really are iffy to count).

It's one thing that they moved a production from Encores celebrated almost exclusively for the strength of its ensemble cast but then re-opened with 1/2 of the leads replaced. .. and still managed to quickly put together and rehearse a raved about ensemble of actors. Now not even TWO MONTHS later, at least one (if not several others, yet to be seen) will be leaving.

I just find this uncommon and frustrating -- and to be clear, not at all her fault, and I'm sure the producers decided having her for 8 weeks is better than not at all. Obviously they hired her for the Broadway run knowing she had to leave for her TV show if the show extended... and in *theory* it was a very limited run (I don't believe for a minute that they didn't intend/plan/hope it would run through the winter holidays, if not at least sept) ... but that doesn't change that I'm bummed to miss her (and anyone else who we may find out is leaving then). I'm not able to see the show until literally 3 days after she leaves... Maybe it'll be amazing. But I did really want to see her.

Anyway, just a coffee'd up rant about playing with the hearts of audiences. I'm sure whoever I get to see will be good.

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