re: Tony winners with mixed word of mouth (with spoilers!)
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So frustrating that Bridges was not nominated for Best Musical. People really thought it was SO bad or broken that it couldn't get in over Aladdin or After Midnight?

I actually think had it made it into that category, it might have won. Not because it was a hit or raved about as a full musical, but because the people involved, and the strengths it had may have outweighed the love for Gentleman's Guide. The lack of a Best Actor nom may speak to me being wrong on that, but again we are discussing the committee's choice for noms, not the voters choices for winners. Marsha Norman's book to Bridges was also left unnominated, also not a great sign... if a bit harsher than deserved, given that the barely decent achievements of the books of Aladdin, Beautiful, and Bullets Over Broadway were nominated. I think the Broadway community was looking for who to blame for why Bridges, an anticipated new musical that should have been amazing, and with such a stand out score that it pulled not only a Score win but a 2nd score win for JBR for his 2nd failed broadway musical (2nd for adults anyway, and with only his songs (re: 13, Urban Cowboy, and not counting the ineligible off-bway work SFANW and L5Y)). .. and they picked Norman, whose book got the most blame in reviews (and fairly, probably, but I also think the show is generally very good, even with some book missteps).
If/Then was also nominated for Best Score and not Best Musical (or Book) ... and I don't think it deserves to have beaten Bridges or Gentleman's Guide.

But yeah that year 2 of the 4 Musical noms had ineligible scores, and I don't think Aladdin should have been eligible either, I can't imagine 50% of the score that has anything anyone cares about was written for the stage version... though, I will say, I do think scores should be eligible if they were written for that musical (even if it started as a film musical) and haven't been eligible before. I don't agree that the scores from movie musicals put on stage, never before eligible for Tonys, should be considered ineligible to compete for the Tony for Score that year. (I also don't think an Oscar nom should only be possible for a song written for the *movie* of the property, and I also think a movie musical's composer/lyricist should be considered co-screenwriters as far as writing awards are concerned).

If no one can tell, I could research and discuss Tonys trivia forever.

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