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Posted by: Musicals54 10:27 am EDT 08/12/22
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This is not worthy of this Board nor those posting. Perfectly reasonable to discuss the work of the actor. But no one seems to give damn about Lynne Mishele, the woman whose home was destroyed, the enormous danger she and her animal companions faced (thank God they all were rescued); the 59 firefighters who fought the blaze with water very scarce in extreme drought in CA, and the crap the fire put into the atmosphere of a dying planet. Anne Heche was, not proved, under the influence of cocaine and driving like a maniac and had already crashed into someone's garage (whose?) Randy Rainbow's "Thoughts and Prayers" applies here except Anne Heche does not deserved this attention - how sick is this celebrity culture!!!!! Say a prayer for Lynne Mishele and for the owners of the destroyed home.

Beanie and Funny Girl were fair game as it was about an up and running show, casting problems for a show which problematic. Of the longest running 1960s shows, four are oft revived Fiddler, Dolly, La Mancha, Cabaret. How to Succeed is a perennial as are Hair and 1776. Promises Promises will be performed occasionally. Mame (the south will rise again in a very 50s idea of a non-comformist) won't and can't be mounted despite the strength of some of the score. And Funny Girl. Topics about this problematic show and problematic revival make sense, but Anne Heche is not a tragic figure and not her crashes are not relevant to this board.

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