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Posted by: Chromolume 12:03 pm EDT 08/12/22
In reply to: Show tunes and vitamins - showtunetrivia 10:55 am EDT 08/12/22

Seems to me the One-a-Day commercial was around way before the Centrum ad. But yes, you bring up a great point.

The One-a-Day ad used to feature more of the song. Now it's just down to the first two body parts and the last line.

Simone is also heard in a Trelegy ad singing "Feeling Good" (which I bet most people have no idea is a showtune lol).

I could really reach and say that Flintstones vitamins should use "I Got Rhythm" in a commercial - but most people wouldn't get the reference. (The classic Flintstones theme song is based on "rhythm changes," that is, the chord structure to "I Got Rhythm.")

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