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I thought she was terrific in PROOF, giving a completely different take on the role of Catherine (following Jennifer Jason Leigh, whose performance was nearly identical to Mary Louise Parker's) that made me rethink the play entirely. While Parker and Leigh seemed to have a baseline that convinced me that they weren't going insane, just having an extremely stressful time in the life of the character, with Heche I thought that there was a very good chance that her Catherine was losing her mind.

Despite the Tony nod, aside from a single breathtaking entrance in a sparkling dress, I didn't much care for Heche's performance in TWENTIETH CENTURY. To me, it seemed that she didn't have the requisite style for this play. She was too contemporary, even in her posture, and it took me out of the world of the play. At the time, since I'd loved her so much in PROOF, I put it down to director Walter Bobbie not being able to figure out how to get her all the way there. However, there were excellent performances from other cast members, including an ideal Alec Baldwin, so maybe Bobbie did everything he could and period work was not Heche's forte.

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