re: Shows with Narrators?
Posted by: AlanScott 02:05 pm EDT 08/12/22
In reply to: Shows with Narrators? - Zelgo 11:28 am EDT 08/12/22

Some that I think have not yet been mentioned (at least when I started typing this):

Post-Hellman versions of Candide. (Even her version seems to start with Pangloss as narrator, but that is dropped after his opening monologue.)
The last act — the "Passionella" act — of The Apple Tree
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
To at least some degree, Lost in the Stars and Zorbá (choral narration with a Leader in both cases, with the Zorbå Leader having more to do)
Knickerbocker Holiday
Beggar's Holiday

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