Mack & Mabel
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The character of Mack Sennett narrates his own life in MACK & MABEL.

When a show's orchestra and conductor is not in front of the performers, a video camera is trained on the conductor (whether behind the cast or in another room entirely), and the cast can watch the conductor on several TV screens placed usually on the stage-facing front of the mezzanine or balcony (if you're sitting far enough down in the orchestra section, you can turn around and see these monitors.)

In the original THE WILL ROGERS FOLLIES, the string section was playing from a room on the 7th floor of the Palace building – watching the conductor via TV. On the national tour, depending on the size of the pits, the percussion and keyboards also played from another room somewhere in the theatre, watching the conductor on a TV. It's become very common now, with covered-over pits. I'm pretty sure all the way back to 1975, the original CHICAGO and CHORUS LINE had the TV monitors for the cast to see the conductor (the former with the band raised on a platform behind the performers, the latter with the pit's musicians and conductor covered over.)

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