not only is the song not a "misstep", it is a brilliant step
Posted by: Chazwaza 08:26 pm EDT 08/12/22
In reply to: Jesse Green’s comment on “The Miller’s Son.” - Delvino 07:38 pm EDT 08/12/22

I agree with you. I often find myself agreeing with Green (I certainly agreed with all his criticisms of this Company revival) ... but I think he is quite off base here.

I think if one thinks about the song, where it is, and who is singing it, one should come to a clear understanding of why it is that way and what it is achieving and how helpful it is to the show and the score.

I know for some it seems to come out of nowhere, but I really doesn't. Though, with that in mind, if there's anything to say about it in critiquing it in this context it *might* be that Wheeler could have better set it up clearly in the book to make it unquestioned why this song sung and by this character... but if that could be said (I wouldn't say it, or agree with it), I would guess it's only because the original production seemed not to need that, and future audiences of other productions perhaps could use a little more help. But again, I don't think so.

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