Don't judge me!!!
Posted by: GreatMartin (greatmartin2003@yahoo.com) 09:20 pm EDT 08/12/22

First and foremost I have to thank all the negative comments I read about this show. For whatever reason, I had never heard of "13 The Musical' in any form until this afternoon reading All That Chat
and coming to the post and comments about it. All the comments about how hard it was to find it I had to see why and then reading the comments I wondered if it could really be that bad.
I found it, I watched it and I LOVED it for many reasons starting with the talented kids singing and dancing, then the songs and as an added pleasure seeing Rhea Perlman and Debra Messing.
I don't remember the day of my Bar Mitzvah but the last 15 minutes had me dissolved in tears and the last song behind the credits put a big smile on my face.
Thanks to the OP and all those who put it down! LOL
Link Had me singing and dancing!

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