re: Jesse Green’s comment on “The Miller’s Son.”
Posted by: EvFoDr 10:07 pm EDT 08/12/22
In reply to: Jesse Green’s comment on “The Miller’s Son.” - Delvino 07:38 pm EDT 08/12/22

This is a side tangent but I had been meaning to post about it and this seems like an appropriate place.

Descriptions of this show often say something like "Sondheim wrote MOST (emphasis mine) of the show in versions of triple meter". I was playing The Miller's Son on piano the other day and noticed that sections of this song are in 2/4 time, which is not a triple meter. It got me thinking...why is this? Then reading the comment above about Petra being a minor character, and the other comments about how she thinks differently from the others got me thinking maybe the 2/4 was a way to further differentiate her. The audiences ears have been hearing triple meter songs all night and suddenly they don't for parts of this song---even if they don't realize it---which they probably don't it goes by so fast. I don't think I've ever read any analysis of this.

And out of curiousity are there other parts of the score that are not in triple meter? Maybe some of the dinner table underscore or something? My score is packed away so I can't look. Not that I want to flip through every page anyway. LOL. Paging Chromulume!

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