13. Wow.
Posted by: KingSpeed 03:06 am EDT 08/13/22

I REALLY loved this. Maybe a Top 10 movie musical ever for me. (I know, I know, yes, I'm taking my meds). I liked it onstage back in 2007 because of Aaron Simon Gross' exceptional performance as Archie, a role that they cut down here. I met Ariana Grande back then too, not having a clue she would become an international popstar. This movie version was perfect for me. I was wary of the addition of adults and the subtraction of Archie's song, but oh my goodness, it worked for me. Such a sweet story, brilliantly told and directed and choreographed. I loved each and every person in the cast, all of whom were given their moment to shine. The last time I ever felt that way about a cast was the 1996 revival of STATE FAIR. I loved "Bad News." That's when it began to take off for me. From good too great. Debra Messing's song was sweet and she sounded great. I've always loved "A Little More Homework To Do" and here, it is 100% earned so it just flies. I'm so glad it was made. Like I said, I LIKED it on Broadway. I did not expect to LOVE the movie. 10/10.

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