HAMLET Last Night
Posted by: sergius 09:32 am EDT 08/13/22

The fourth time’s the charm. My three previous attempts to see this were canceled so this is nearly a post mortem as most who were interested in seeing this production will likely have seen it by now (it ends today). But this is/was a fine, legible HAMLET. Icke contemporizes the play without burdening it with annotation or other commentary. And Lawther’s prince is fittingly young and, for Hamlet, practically impetuous. Barely post adolescent, he rides a torrent of aggrandized, antic torment that finally takes him somewhere. The ending here is unexpectedly transcendent. Death is, as we hope, a reunion. HAMLET is always too much to parse at once. As wide as it is deep, it’s basically an ocean so it helps when fluency prevails as it mostly does here. Readiness, it turns out, is not all. Execution must follow. Icke has managed here to give us a Hamlet who achieves, who acts and then acts.

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