I agree about that orchestra
Posted by: aleck 09:54 am EDT 08/13/22
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Of the many, many, many problems with this hugely disappointing production of Funny Girl, the orchestra and the orchestrations is perhaps the worst, although it's difficult to pinpoint just one specific aspect as the "worst." The set? The casting? The direction? The book? The choreography? Hard to say . . .

I knew from the overture that we were in some bad territory. It was out of balance, lacking in any depth and out of tune. Tacky. I've heard high school orchestras that were better. Comparing that overture with the overture heard on the original cast album would be a pathetic exercise. All those great tunes for a great overture, ruined.

The thing that makes me sad about this -- and I mean the orchestra as well as the rest of the production -- is that youngsters coming to see a Broadway show are thinking that they are seeing the finest in musical theatre production. Or is this is the new standard for the "best?"

It's the same with the abomination on view at the Winter Garden with this supposed revival of Music Man. This is NOT the Music Man. But Is this what audiences unfamiliar with Music Man think is the standard upon which this musical's fame rests? If so, is there any hope for the future of this musical that could attempt to recapture the qualities that make it great instead of this pandering vulgar presentation? So many low points in that production, but for me it was the spectacle Of Hugh Jackman riding in on the Wells Fargo wagon is a way matched only by Peter Allen's entrance on an elephant in his Radio City Music Hall production. I would say that Jackman's swish king interpretation of Harold Hill is more closely reminiscent of Peter Allen in Legs Diamond than a nod to the grounded performances of Robert Preston, Forrest Tucker and even Bert Parks as well as to the many others over the years that have tried to bring some verisimilitude to the role and the musical.

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