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Seeing Hugh on that wagon was actually creepy. We can see why playing Peter Allen was such a good fit for him, the over-the-top self satisfaction and smugness on full display. It was diagnostic.

Second to that was that tap dance number, making the evening even longer just so we can see Narcissus show us what he can REALLY do! If Hugh Jackman didn’t want to be in The Music Man, no one forced him. He should have just done another concert residency like he did a few years back (The Broadhurst, I think?). But a tap challenge has about as much place in The Music Man as a performing seal. But, we can’t let the audience trust the material and we CERTAINLY can’t let them leave without realizing what the evening is all about: Hugh’s ego.

Such a misguided performance (if it was guided at all) in a terrible production.

Swish King!

And look, I’m super protective of The Music Man. It’s my favorite. Or one of them, anyway. It’s just about as perfect as a show can be. But it’s as if no one associated with this production trusted it. They all “knew better”? A complete failure.

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