Silly People
Posted by: Chazwaza 12:25 pm EDT 08/13/22
In reply to: The song that they didnt need was - StageManager 09:27 pm EDT 08/12/22

I love the idea of the song... a servant character we have heard barely anything from the entire show, who finally sings and does it to criticize and give perspective on the people who employ, who we've been watching all night.

But the problem inherent in that is that while it's a good idea, in the actual experience of the show, having a character we don't know and who has no consequence to the plot, at that point in the show, is *very* tricky to pull off... and Petra is a happy medium of someone who isn't one of the protagonists, and is lightly involved in all the happenings but not only on her terms and not very much, and offers the same kind of servant's perspective.

If Frid's song had been a different song, maybe it could be pulled off. But, for me, Silly People is just not at all the right feeling of music for the purpose it serves or the place it comes into the show. At that point, if we're breaking from the main plot, we need a more exciting and lively song, like The Miller's Son...

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