POTUS Final Weekend
Posted by: ianx73 07:30 pm EDT 08/13/22

I was eager to catch POTUS before it closed this weekend as I heard good things. I have one question that perhaps someone can answer WTF was that???? I was stunned. So sophomoric, witless, so over the top without a thread of internal logic . Hammering away at the same jokes over and over At almost two hours yet. It's like a bad SNL sketch that goes on and on The cast is talented and doing their best given the material but they're at such a high pitch from the moment it starts I thought someone would burst a blood vessel The mostly young audience was howling with laughter at every movement the actors made. Screaming and applauding. I felt as if I was in a parallel universe. My party and I left during the standing ovation (which I've never done before) cause I just couldn't do it. Someone tell me what did I miss or have I finally become one of those old guys on The Muppets

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