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Posted by: Chazwaza 09:07 pm EDT 08/13/22
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Why does it have to be "a vendetta against him" for some people to not love, or like, his performance in Music Man?

I haven't seen it, I have no opinion on it outside of performances on TV etc... but like... it's not a vendetta to not like, or be actively critical of, a performance by a star (or a production that exists to facilitate that star's performance)...

And some people having an opinion that isn't positive doesn't mean they think everyone agrees. Beyond that, people buy tickets usually *before* they see the show, and they usually form an opinion of a show after seeing it... so the sale is made based on previous enjoyment of one or both of the stars, or of the show being produced, or word of mouth or whatever it might be. It's possible and reasonable that some who like or love Hugh (or Sutton, or Music Man) would go to this and not love what they see but still be fans, and they're buying tickets because they want to see it.

Also... why would anyone email you personally to reply to something posted here? This is a chat board, isn't the point to reply on the board, to have a public conversation?

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