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Posted by: dreamawakening 09:56 pm EDT 08/13/22
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It is so hard to even find 13 on Netflix I almost gave up!
Poor Jason Robert Brown! He can’t find a good producer to support his work on Broadway and now he’s stuck with a streaming channel that’s embarrassed to promote his work.

The opening number is interrupted twice for exposition.
Poor Jason Robert Brown! He can’t find a director who respects musicals!

Then the kid leaves Peter Hermann in New York (daylight) to drive to Indiana with Debra Messing. When they get out of the car in daylight, they’re wearing the same clothes.
Poor kid either had to drive all night with his mother who drove 11 hours straight or they got a hotel for a night and didn’t change their clothing. He picked the wrong parent to live with! Peter Hermann has lots of Persil laundry detergent so he would have clean clothes for the boy.

I hope this gets better but I’m not optimistic!

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