Question on Hamilton tickets and Book of Mormon quality
Posted by: DistantDrumming 11:03 pm EDT 08/13/22

I have a work trip to NY later this month. A colleague would like to see Hamilton. Because the trip is so brief, we wouldn't depend upon the slim chances of winning the Hamilton app lottery, so advance tickets are necessary. Right now, for the Friday evening performance we're looking at seats are $199 in orchestra and front mezzanine.

Any insight on how 'reasonable' these prices are by Hamilton's recent history standards? With dynamic pricing, I assume the general trend is for the prices to go up the closer to you get to the performance?

And, lastly, on Hamilton, any particular spots in the theatre to avoid?

Hamilton may not work out and knowing my colleague's sense of humor, he'd probably really enjoy Book of Mormon, but I haven't seen the show since 2013. Anyone seen the current company? Is it holding up well?

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