I'm unapolgetic about absolutely loving it...
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There are few things as subjective as humor, right? And, perhaps some of us went in with different expectations. I did not go in expecting some theatrical masterpiece, but just an evening of light entertainment with some funny comedic actresses. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I expected to lightly chuckle occasionally, but I'm one of those audience members you're speaking of who was howling with laughter.

I don't think you 'missed' anything, the show just wasn't for you. I totally understand the feeling you're describing, though. I've watched shows that the audience is transfixed by and which might get raves online but which I do not connect with at all. It is a bizarre feeling to feel like you're the only one in a packed theatre who isn't along the for the ride. The last experience like that I had was with Derek Delgaudio's 'In and of Itself' which seemed to get critical acclaim and near universal raves on here. It was this supposedly unique theatrical experience examining identity through magic and storytelling. And, let me tell you, by the time we got to the moment in which Delgaudio is 'reading' all of the audience members? ...Instead of being in tears, I was afraid my eyes were going to get stuck in the back of my head from all of the "Oh, brother!" Liz-Lemon-style eyerolls I was doing at this shallow 'profundity'. I felt like I'd just watched an entire theatre of people get duped by some cult-like self-help guru with allusions of grandeur. But, that was my read. I can't deny the other audience members seemed to have had a genuine emotional connection to the work even though it left me totally cold.

And, in your case, as pedestrian as the material may have seen, I can assure you we weren't being performative. We genuinely found the show funny.

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