The Tragic Demise of The Music Man
Posted by: SueFB 10:19 am EDT 08/14/22
In reply to: I agree about that orchestra - aleck 09:54 am EDT 08/13/22

" But Is this what audiences unfamiliar with Music Man think is the standard upon which this musical's fame rests? If so, is there any hope for the future of this musical that could attempt to recapture the qualities that make it great instead of this pandering vulgar presentation?"

Oh, dear! Oh WOE IS ME. What OF the future of The Music Man - and indeed, Broadway! And THEATER ITS VERY SELF - if a popular actor is allowed to perform in a show that draws TOURISTS .... not only from around the country but around the WORLD! And entertain many of them - indeed, a few, a few cognoscenti like yourself were appalled at the idea that this ... UGH ... rare NARCISSISTIC ACTOR (if indeed he be) ... was even permitted to besmirch the sacred halls of Broadway when by rights, he should be OFF making MOVIES, but obviously was not interested enough in continuing in that non-lucrative field so that he could lollygag around the Winter Garden Stage irritating every paying customer to the point of disgust. Oh, where was I. Right. Woe. Woe is Broadway that this production exists, employing 50 performers and many others backstage and filling hotel and restaurants, and even .. I daresay ... the seats of other Broadway shows.

No, I'm certain this is the death of it. No more middle school or regional theaters will EVER perform The Music Man again. And even if one or two drama teachers deem to try, heaven forbid, any of them have Professor Hill riding in on the wagon. It's dead forever. *sob*

An abomination indeed.

Okay, I'm kind of new here. Was that dramatic enough?

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