OK, but... this was largely resolved a week ago
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As the Playbill article notes, "The church reportedly received the cease and desist letter August 6 after the August 5 performance was live-streamed to the church's YouTube channel. The Door McAllen was granted 'limited permission' to perform its August 6 show under a series of stipulations, including a no videos or photos rule and the cancellation of all future performances. The Door McAllen's live-streamed production and trailer have been removed from YouTube, and no trace of the production can be found on its social media page."

The NY Times story from earlier in the week, which also noted that the church was given permission for the additional performance, added: "The 'Hamilton' team would discuss 'this unauthorized production' in the coming days with the parties involved after vetting information about it."
Link ‘Hamilton’ Team Protests After Church Production Adds Christian Themes

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