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I feel like this is a willfully forgetful view of her time as AD of Encores...

The one production she **directed** has been a hit that transferred to Broadway (in very very large part due to the cast she was able to assemble, twice, and her direction of them of course)... the two productions that she didn't direct but programed and oversaw creative team hiring and production of... were some of the most epically hated, criticized, and failed productions they've ever had. Not to mention her re-defining of the mission statement that has been largely received with criticism or disdain.
But even if you didn't see it that way (and yes, I do remember you definitely didn't see it this way)... I think besides ITW she has not made much of a case for herself as the best choice to run Encores... not least of which is because she is, and will continue to be, an active full time director seeking work as a director.

The assurance of her rule as Artistic Director should have nothing to do with her ability as an actual director to helm a solid revival of a show (perhaps worth mentioning it is an excessively popular and well known show with a very famous title now, that everyone alive has done or seen done in high school or college if not the DVD of the OBC, or one of the many many NY or regional revivals over the last 20-30 years, RIGHT after the death of the author who was the most celebrated and adored writer of musicals alive, and held that position for many decades prior...and her production starred a beloved global music star, also a tv actor, and a beloved writer (and occasional star of) a hit broadway musical)... and the production that got it the green light to move starred a major tv star of many decades who's also a Tony winner for a hit musical (NPH) ... it's not as if she made a hit out of Baker Street starring Chad Kimball.)
(*also, while it is surely a hit right now, and I'm very happy it is, let's not forget it's literally been playing on broadway for 2 months... we have no idea how big a hit this will or won't be for Encores. But yes, it's an awesome thing to have happen for all involved, whether it only runs 3 more months or runs more.)

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