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ps, just to make it clear, I *do* think this ITW revival will make it to the new year at least. I think for this kind of show, as beloved as it currently is, and the very unique momentum and place this show has gotten carved for itself in theatergoers and ticket buyers minds over the last 20 years especially... it should be a dependably popular show during the holidays, almost regardless of who's in it. I'm not emphasizing how short the run has been so far, or how it has to get to 5 months to beat Violet, or a year or more to meet Wonderful Town or Gypsy, in order to say I don't think it could/should/or will... Sondheim is tricky even with his most beloved and popular titles. The mix of the momentum the show has built in the culture, the raves of this production, Sondheim's passing, and certain casts... could make this a longish running hit of 9-15 months... or a strong performer for 6 months and done, or who knows, maybe even closer to 2 years! I hope for the best, I love the show with all my heart and there are many people I'd love to see put into this cheaper-to-run production. I hope it has legs, unrelated to Encores profits or Lear's rep as AD there.

pps... I meant that fans of the series, or at least me, are looking toward the next season with much more excitement than looking back on the last. I was supremely excited for The Life when it was announced, so that one alone had me and many very excited, until it became what it did. I didn't mean to imply there was no excitement for last season when it was announced. Though Tap Dance Kid isn't even in the same universe as the 4 shows announced for next season in terms of interest or nostalgia for it, but still.

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