How Christopher Gattelli tapped into the Golden Age of musicals for 'Schmigadoon!'
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Deadline.com has just done a 10-minute video interview with Christopher Gattelli, who choreographed ''Schmigadoon!''

His wonderful work on it earned him his first Primetime Emmy Award nomination. Gattelli, who's also a Tony Award winner for ''Newsies,'' explained his style for the Apple TV show: ''I love really long shots, I love that it's shot head to toe, because a lot of things are edited so much that it takes away from the hard work of the dancers who trained to master these shots. … I think it really honors the form when you see the full body.''

For his Emmy submission, Gattelli chose three ''Schmigadoon!'' numbers: ''Corn Pudding'' (''It captured the wit of the whole show''); ''With All of Your Heart,'' featuring Ariana DeBose and a classroom of tap-dancing kids, and ''Tribulation!,'' a ''Ya Got Trouble'' spoof that consisted of one long, 5-minute, tricky tracking shot. A whole day was set aside for shooting that number, but Gattelli says Kristin Chenoweth ''nailed it'' on her first take.
Link Deadline.com: 'Schmigadoon!' Choreographer Christopher Gattelli on Keeping True to the Golden Age

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