re: Lin-Manual Miranda takes on Texas!!
Posted by: ryhog 05:07 pm EDT 08/15/22
In reply to: re: Lin-Manual Miranda takes on Texas!! - dreamawakening 03:49 pm EDT 08/15/22

Respectfully, I think you are misinterpreting what I said and meant. If you look back to the original "pissing contest" language, it was in response to someone questioning my description of Hamilton as the highest profile show etc. I indicated that I had not intended that as a tangent to take on a life of its own. The thrust of the thread, and my original point (in response to the cynical idea that nothing would happen as a result) was that I felt (among other reasons) that Hamilton and LMM were in an elevated position to make this into a teachable moment because of their stature (i.e., profile). I used pissing contest because, as I said then, I thought there was an important discussion about making an example of this church's illegal act, and was not interested in getting that lost in a tangent in which we (do what we often do here and) get caught up in making lists and rankings. It's clear. however, that I never used pissing contest to suggest anything about a disagreement. In fact, I invited others to engage in an intellectually reasonable discussion of other higher profile shows. I couldn't care less about disagreements; what I cared about was having this thread (which started out addressing what I think is an important matter) hijacked.

FWIW, I am definitely not angry about anything, and I don't think I have been nasty but ymmv on that. Sometimes people find me combative, and I own that, but I honestly don't think I was especially combative in this thread. Again, ymmv and I can accept that. I hope this explanation helps a little.

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