re: London has ha a bit of a worse time, actually ...
Posted by: NewtonUK 06:59 pm EDT 09/21/22
In reply to: Is broadway really suffering? - dramedy 03:52 pm EDT 09/21/22

Like NYC, in London the shows that are selling are selling - those that arent, arent. A mixed bag. They are in worse shape overall, though because a) there was no version of SVOG grants there. Every West End Show that had to close didn't get $10 million,. Then the West End re-opened finally .... and then because of a big Covid uptick, everything had to shut down again, causing more large losses. Teh one positive was that, by October 2020, all of the West End Unions had made deals to roll back salaries and terms for the reopening period. A year maybe after reopening started? With the caveat that if a production started selling at 2019 levels, they would revert to pre-Pandemick [pay scales.

None of the Broadway unions made any concessions for re opening, and the theatreowners just started charging even more than usual. And producers(of shows that closed on March 15, 2020 - and WAITRESS that illegitimately got their DVOG grant - they closed in January 2020 because of lack of business, not in MArch because of Covid) AND theatre owners all got the $10 million (more or less) SVOG Grants.

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