re: Is broadway really suffering?
Posted by: ryhog 07:26 pm EDT 09/21/22
In reply to: Is broadway really suffering? - dramedy 03:52 pm EDT 09/21/22

For the most part, I think you are spot on. A few notes:
1. It sounds like the OP is trying to push a certain POV at the expense of accuracy and awareness. I think it behooves us not to overfeed that effort.
2. It is often very tempting to disregard externalities in drawing broad conclusions. Suffice it to say business calculations, in all directions, are not necessarily driven by facile considerations.
3. It is also often tempting to forget the primacy of the truism that people don't go to see shows they don't want to see.
4. Regarding the age thing: first, the notion that "so much theatre is supported by an older crowd" is flatly false and especially so when we define older crowd as the stats do rather than limiting it to folks (a decade older than me LOL). [There is a minor exception to that at some of the non-profits, for some shows, but that does not drive the data.] Second, as noted in another post, Leopoldstadt gives lie to this theory, especially because its target most certainly is an audience of that certain age that we are saying won't go. [Are there people who simply won't go? Absolutely. Here and in London. Is that driving the OP's putative point? Nope.] And yes of course Beetlejoice and Phantom are not the territory of the "older crowd."

Bottom line: the OP has not scored any points here and has exposed what's going on in their post quite effectively.

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