KOTSW is a top tier musical
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Not everyone loves it or holds it in quite as high esteem as I do, which I don't get, but I think it's brilliant on all levels, and one of the most sensational musicals I've ever seen or heard.

I not only consider it in K&E's top 3, if not top 2 musicals they've written - which speaks extremely highly of it... but I think it's one of the best musicals of the modern era, period. Like honestly, name 10 musicals better than KOTSW first produced after 1990. And if you can name 10, name 20. If it's in the top 20, it's top tier. It certainly is in my opinion. (By my quick count from the Best Score wiki page and throwing in some choice off-bway musicals of the last 30 years, I count about 60 very good to great new musicals since 1990... and I would easily count KOTSW as one of the best, and very few of them I'd say are *better* than KOTSW - equal and different mainly... I'd say at the end of the day there are some I think are better, or at least more nuanced and more sophisticated, but that also doesn't make them better... to many the ones I'd say are equal or better are shows they wouldn't even put into the top 10).

And not for nothing but it *did* win Tonys for Best Musical, Best Score, and Best Book...

*my top 2 or 3 Kander & Ebb are Cabaret, Spider Woman, Chicago. (I think Zorba is #4, for me)

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