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I re-read Speech Teacher's post several times and nowhere did I see anything dismissing anyone's attitude to caution around covid. It's a fact that older people are more cautious on both sides of the Atlantic, not just in theatres but in daily life (in markets, public transportation, etc...) and I get that. Older people can be more at risk, should they get infected, and therefore may be likely to take greater precautions which yes, may mean curtailing activities where there are large crowds, including theatre-going. I don't blame them.

That said, older audiences are quite visible in the West End (often in masks) but they aren't the greater part of the market. Younger audiences and tourists in the summer months count for a greater amount of the up-tick.

I also think the West End benefits from the international tourist market having bounced back which has not yet happened in NYC, hence the closing of shows like PHANTOM that largely depend on foreign tourists. I think it has little to do with covid and everything to do with London being more accessable, not to mention, NYC has had a fair amount of awful press in terms of crime. That probably hasn't helped.


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