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If I had not been serious, I would not have posted. I am not persuaded to the contrary by what you or the other poster has said. For the record, I certainly am not suggesting you are in that same category. I would question the observation about older audience members. As I said previously, aside from some of the non-profits, I don't think Broadway skews "old." If you drill down into the "older" category of data, the majority are not the same circle in the Venn diagram as the group deciding not to go back to the theatre. And I will not repeat what has been said about Leopoldstadt's audience and what it says about the older crowd. (I could delve into the foreign tourist stuff but I'll just say that we have to guard against post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies... Finally, I am not trying to persuade you over to my take on the OP. But I was not being gratuitously "inflammatory" (to use the word attributed to me below with which I disagree).

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