re: Seriously?
Posted by: portenopete 01:03 am EDT 09/23/22
In reply to: re: Seriously? - ryhog 12:26 am EDT 09/23/22

You're right that I don't really care all that much, but I do find it amusing how predictable and delightfully pompous some people on this board can be. Far be it from me to run you off the road of ideas and information with less interesting matters like "people"- and should I assume that, like Lina Lamont, you "ain't people"?- but I'll admit that I don't really view All That Chat as a centre for semiotics and rhetoric, but more as a place where acquaintances can gab and gossip and share thoughts in a casual manner. I was coming to the defence of a poster who was being pilloried for what I viewed as pretty innocuous questions and I stand by my defence. Would that my memory was as prodigious as yours and I remembered every comment that SpeechTeacher had uttered since this board first materialised! But I'm deprived of that gift, thank God, and am mercifully spared constant provocation and consternation whenever certain posters' names appear. (Well, except for maybe one or two...)

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