FINALLY-- Hadestown and why I love original musicals
Posted by: Zelgo 09:19 am EDT 09/23/22

I finally saw Hadestown last night--and WOW, just WOW! One of the best experiences I've had in a theatre in a long, long time.

The structure and music were so fresh and challenging; the actors, superlative with extraordinary voices.

Every moment was a surprise, making the experience of an original musical so much better to me than every jukebox musical. Singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell doesn't rely on the standard ways Bway songs climax and end, but that made sense in the world of this show.

I did have an experience I'm confused about. Of course audience members cannot take pictures during the show because it distracts performers. I usually take a picture at the curtain call as a momento. I've done this for years without ever having a problem. I did it this time, and an usher admonished me and demanded I stop. Are we not supposed to take curtain call pictures either? (Did at least get a shot of the phenomenal Lillias White bowing)

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