It’s just one more example…
Posted by: ShowGoer 01:35 pm EDT 09/23/22
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… that in the main, they just don’t know what they’re doing over there these days (despite Into the Woods).
In the 30-year history of the institution, they’ve made some mistakes (announcing a revival of Call Me Madam with no one secured to play the star role), and made some changes (Vanessa Williams was originally supposed to do No Strings and the role wound up being played by Maya Days)… and obviously last season was for the most part a disaster.

But never in nearly 100 shows have they switched the dates or the week for an entire production, let alone moved it by 4 months. (And assumed it’ll still fit in all their subscribers’ calendars).

I’ll be curious… my sense was always that a good portion of the subscriber base was older people and theater fans, all of whom were in the city from February through May during the height of the season – but who by late June had largely decamped for the Hamptons or the Berkshires for the summer. They’re offering a refund option - I’ll be curious to hear anecdotally how many people take advantage of that.

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