For those who are interested in 20th-Century chamber opera...
Posted by: dramaturg 04:13 pm EDT 09/23/22

I see that 59E59 is presenting two one-act operas produced by The Little Opera Theatre of NY -- one with a score by Kurt Weill, the other with a score by William Grant Still (often called "the Dean of African-American Classical Composers," whose work is not presented nearly enough).

I'm not shilling for the company (I have no association with it), but I saw another evening of one-act operas that they performed at 59E59 about 8 years ago and was very glad I did. The production was similar to what you'd find at a very good opera conservatory – i.e., the singing was good and most of the acting less so, though there were a few really terrific performances. But I found it very rewarding to see chamber operas in such an intimate space. And these are two operas that we're not likely to see produced again for a very long time.

The company has an unfortunate slot in the season, right around Thanksgiving, so tickets will likely be easy to come by. I'll report back after I attend, and would be eager to hear people's thoughts if anyone else decides to check it out.

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