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Posted by: bicoastal 06:07 pm EDT 09/23/22
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Ok, catch me up here. Is this not set in the 1920s? Because this sounds NOTHING like that era. (One of the charms of HAIRSPRAY is that it recalled melodies and rhythms of when it was set.) And if not, this is a serviceable ballad that lost me at about the one-minute mark, though I did come back as Adrianna Hicks's vocal got more commanding. I haven't seen SIX but she is clearly an amazing talent.

I appreciated knowing the context of the song; I don't know if this is our musical intro to Sugar but I sure hope it isn't because I lost what she's saying when the standard ballad-build begins and the music overwhelms the lyrics. I'm in the middle of reading the Mary Rodgers book, and it has given me such appreciation for how beautifully her father delivered Mr. Hammerstein's lyrics. And the way Sondheim crafted his music to deliver his lyrics. This song seems to be about raising cheers in the audience, and it isn't connecting me to Sugar. (Maybe I'm being a stickler, but one of the charms of the movie is that Sugar Kane is a band singer, a specific kind of creature that roamed the earth from about mid-1920s to late 1940s. That won't matter if it's now set in different time.)

Two other things: the wind up to the song sounded very close to the ending of Coleman-Zippel's "Lost and Found" (arranged, I believe, by Billy Byers). And the poster goes for the obvious (and wrong) interpretation of the title. Yeah, yeah, Miami (if that's still on) but anyone who's seen the movie knows Sugar is referring to jazz when she says "hot".

Oh, well, we'll see soon enough!

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