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I won't disparage the equally (next to Stritch) iconic LuPone Joanne -- and I saw both iterations and loved the 2nd, despite issues with the scene -- but I'd like to see the character return to her original age. I have had many problems with Joanne in the updated, contemporary iteration -- the character isn't a boomer in my experience and estimation (full disclosure, I am) -- and see no reason why she couldn't be a suitable age. If she's this bizarre woman who SPOILER--

Offers her husband to a young woman, an odd entreaty to me, and several of my women friends, in 1970 or 2023 or 2048.

--then it's about the character, not her (my) generation in a generation-specific teachable moment, which it was unavoidably in the original. My mother's generation, when I saw it at 19, never the young women of mine, then or now.

So let her be 40 - 60. I don't see why she need be older.

Skinner would be great.

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