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...it's one of 50,000 reasons I never 'buy' any of these updated settings for Company. You can't just change a couple of lyrics and lines and expect to take the VERY late 60s / early 70s DNA out of this show. It is very much a product of its time -- the way the characters are written, their sensibilities, their motivations, their expectations. Hell, even the SOUND of Sondheim's music is, essentially, a period piece now. No matter how cool the set design, no matter how (minimally) interesting a gender reversal is, you're never going to take the "1970" out of this show without harming it.

I still really enjoyed the Neil Patrick Harris concert version that kept it in 1970, but added nuanced touches (mostly through the performances) of a slightly more contemporary sensibility. Like a SLIGHTLY winking nod to the early 70s from the 2010s.

Also, I'm kind of tired of the literal Larrys on here when it comes to age "on the page". Firstly, in most people's lifetimes, Elaine Stritch never read 'young'. There are 70+ year olds today who read like a mid-40s Elaine. I mean, with all due respect, Elaine easily could have played a grandmother in 1970. And, as Ann said, if you ARE contemporizing the show, a 2022 45 year old make no sense for Joanne.

I saw the Company revival late in its final run and I was struck by how good Patti looked on stage. As in, in the theatre, she could have passed for a character in her late 50s. I'm not suggesting she could/should do so in film or TV, but she worked in this revival. Whereas someone else who was suggested, Betty Buckley, while just two years older than Patti, absolutely could not pass.

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