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The use of James in one particular scene was beautifully subtle and made a larger impact with its message than the too frequent occasions when there was no subtlety and the audience was aurally/visually beaten to make sure they ‘got it.’

The biggest difference with how the roles were played when William Daniels had the role and now can be summed up in one word: Maryland.

Daniels pronounced it correctly. Meh-ruh-luhnd
Crystal Lucas Perry pronounces it as. Mary-land. As in candy-land.

Perhaps the pronunciation changed over time but I can find nothing to support this.

She did well in the musical numbers, as such, but gave almost amateur like work with the acting.

Martha and Thomas Jefferson. I had virtually no issue with the non traditional casting. My issue was with the direction and particular performances. I will admit to my own limitation in that I had a difficult time accepting/understand a visibly pregnant Thomas Jefferson in the context of Martha singing He Plays the Violin. I’ll admit to knowing little about sex during advanced stages of pregnancy (I’m a gay man. I know how babies are made. Addition info? Per Countess Aurelia. I don’t want to know.). I know that the actor is pregnant, not Thomas Jefferson. I could not help seeing what I was seeing and mostly found myself seeing the character as pregnant. I’ll repeat. My personal limitation.

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