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Ha. Late is still more fun than never.

But... in the spirit of fun, still, I must say, with all due respect I think I shouldn't even keep thinking after I saw Moulin Rouge in your list, let alone a list of musicals you consider better than Kiss of the Spider Woman...
And to follow that up by wanting to sneak in The Prom as BETTER than KOTSW... The Prom is a perfectly fine, amusing, decent YA movie as a stage musical (then made into a YA movie musical), it's baffling you consider it better than KOTSW on any level.

*Most* of the shows in your list are musical I love and think are great musicals, some are just very good, but I definitively would not call them "better" than KOTSW.
A few I can certainly say are as good as, and if you like them and what they do or go for as a musical better then sure, i won't argue with the personal taste factor pushing them into the "better" category, but this is few. We are talking about top tier musicals here, so comparing apples and oranges (like Spider Woman vs Piazza, etc, is a little impossible).

So while most of your list is my list... with or without KOTSW... I've eliminated enough of your list to ensure that KOTSW is FIRMLY counted among the best musicals since 1990. I mean... frankly, musicals with non-original scores don't even count for this, but even without eliminating all of them, it works.

But listen, you're entitled to your opinion. We agree on a lost of musicals but we clearly disagree massively on a fee key ones. I just hope you don't (and can't imagine you do) think KOTSW is as bad as I think Moulin Rouge is, or as middling and unmemorable as I think The Prom is.

*and while it was produced as a full show in 1992, i'm not actually sure I'd permit Falsettos to be eligible, since the vast majority of each act was written and produced in nyc before 1990.

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