Any interesting finds at the Broadway Flea Market?
Posted by: mikem 08:53 am EDT 09/27/22

I don't think there have been any messages about the Broadway Flea Market on Sunday. The combination of Rosh Hashanah and episodes of spitting rain brought down the attendance dramatically. It was a much more pleasant experience around the tables than in recent years, although the scaffolding still made it difficult. But fortunately, people online and on the phone brought plenty of money to the auctions, and the final amount was a record-breaker for the silent auction and the overall total. Over a million dollars was raised for Broadway Cares. Anything Phantom or Sondheim-related went for a LOT.

I got a hinged piece of metal a bit bigger than the size of a playing card from the Phantom table, which was a trap that was used to raised the candles around the boat in the scene with the title song. They also had some shirts and bow ties at that table, but I didn't get close enough to that side to take a good look at them. Were they worn by someone in particular in the show? And how much were they asking for them?

What was your experience?

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